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Battery Pack PCM Test Equipment Delivery to Our Brazil Customer

Thanks to the customer's support, the Battery Pack PCM Test Equipment was sent to Brazil in the last few days.

This battery pack PCM tester is equipped for the mobile phone battery assembly line. Before assembling mobile phone battery packs, perform quality testing on PCM (Protection Circuit Module) to ensure that the PCM used for assembling mobile phone lithium batteries is qualified and improve the qualification rate and production efficiency of mobile phone batteries.

The mobile phone battery pack PCM test equipment supports functional testing of lithium battery protection boards protected by single-string negative MOSFETs, such as PCM, PCBA and PCM&FPC& test connector.

PCM & FPC & test Connector for mobile phone battery

If you are interested in mobile phone battery PCM test system, please feel free to contact WinAck. Professional, reliable and efficient, we are a company you can trust.

In addition to mobile phone batteries, other types of lithium battery pack PCM/PCBA/BMS test systems are available, including e-cigarette batteries, wireless headset batteries, smart watch batteries, laptop batteries, wireless power tool batteries, e-bike batteries, electric motorcycle batteries, aerial drone batteries, EV batteries, etc.

Mobile phone battery pack PCM test equipment

Battery pack PCM tester for cell phone battery



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