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Importance of battery cell testing and sorting

As we all know, the power battery is the core component of an electric vehicle, which directly determines the performance of the whole vehicle. As the source of power for electric vehicles, the power battery should bear the brunt of a revolutionary breakthrough in technology. Among them, the high consistency between battery cells is a key technical point.

As a battery cell manufacturer, if you want to solve the problem of power battery consistency, the only way is to control the raw materials, production process and factory inspection of the power battery cell. While incoming material remains consistent, the battery cells are controlled from the production stage through the use of advanced intelligent equipment with a high degree of automation to ensure consistency at every manufacturing point.

For battery pack assembly plants, the assembly process also has a significant impact on the consistency of the battery pack. First, battery cell testing equipment is essential, including cell capacity test, cell voltage test, and cell internal resistance test. Secondly, automated production and test of the entire assembly process is also essential. Consistent sorting of battery cells and consistent control of the battery pack assembly process is required to produce a highly consistent battery pack.

Battery tester sorter for battery automatic soring

Founded in 2011, always focus on the development and manufacturing of battery pack assembly equipment and battery testing equipment, after years of development, WinAck Battery has become a large high-tech company. The battery capacity testing equipment and automatic battery sorter produced by WinAck Battery can greatly improve the cell consistency. In addition, the highly automated battery pack assembly line integrates assembly and testing, which is controlled from the assembly production stage to ensure the consistency of the battery pack.



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