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Battery Cell Testing Equipment

  • Battery Cell Charge and Discharge Tester
Battery Cell Charge and Discharge Tester

Battery Cell Charge and Discharge Tester

  • Product model: WA-BCT-5EF
  • Voltage range: ±5V (can be expanded to ±15V)
  • Current range/channel: ± (0~100A)
  • Parallel connection of channels: Max. 3000A in parallel (Can be customized)
  • Product description: We are not only a supplier of Battery Charge and Discharge Tester, but also provide solutions for Battery Cycle Life Tester. Choose WinAck Battery, choose professional.

Product description:

The battery cell charge and discharge tester is computer-controlled testing equipment with single- channel control function that can create basic charging/discharging test or complex cycle life tests for each channel to run independently. Feedback the excessive energy to the power grid with high recycling efficiency significantly reduced the cost of electricity consumption.

It is suitable for the battery cell cycle life test, battery cell charge and discharge aging test, battery cell performance test, battery cell capacity detection test, IR test, deep-discharging test, function test of high-power lithium-ion battery cells, such as EV battery cells, energy storage battery cells, large capacity battery cells...


1. High charging accuracy.

2. Energy saving, small-size, long life, convenient expansion.

3. Little generated heat: low carbon emissions during discharge.

4. Modular design: high system integration, easy maintenance and reliable stability.

5. Wide range of voltage and current adjustment, suitable for various types of battery.

6. Complete charge and discharge protection function to reduce the risk of battery production.

7. Single- channel control technology, each channel is independent, high production efficiency.

8. Efficiency of the equipment (2.5m output line): when more than half load, the peak value of charge efficiency is up to 70% and discharge efficiency up to 60%, reduce the energy consumption cost.

9. The discharge energy can be reused by other channels and then feedback the excessive energy to the power grid with high recycling efficiency, significantly reduced the cost of electricity consumption.

The Battery Cell Cycle Life Tester Test Items

Test  items


Battery cell charge aging test modes: CC (constant current), CV (constant  voltage), CP(constant power), constant resistance, CC-CV, current step, voltage  ramp, current ramp, pulse, cycle and rest…


Battery cell discharge aging test modes: constant current discharge, constant  power discharge, deep discharge…


WinAck software adopts “menu-type  programming” for real-time working condition file (EXCEL format) import. The  working condition files can be obtained by artificial editing and working condition  acquisition system.


Test step: 9999 steps; cycle index: 9999 times; unlimited program storage.

Set the jump and end conditions according  to the conventional variables (voltage, current, time, capacity, energy,  power and temperature) and custom variables.


Charge cut-off conditions: voltage,  current, time and capacity and custom variable etc


Over-voltage, over-current, over-power,  over-temperature detection test


Voltage, current, temperature and capacity  detection during the charging and discharging cycle process


Reverse connection detection function


Protections: overvoltage, over-current,  overpower, under-voltage, over-temperature, reversed polarity, output  short-circuit, electric leakage, outrage protection etc.


AC power grid breakdown response function:  when the input end of power grid has faults like short circuit and phase  failure, the equipment shall run normally without influencing the battery on  the output end.


Self-diagnosis system: when the device  malfunctions, such as over-temperature and overload, the device can judge by itself  and promptly make alarms and take relevant protection actions.


Battery cell working condition simulation function: support the standard  working condition simulation of power battery and the data files can be  converted into test files.


Support zero-voltage discharge function

Battery Charge and Discharge Tester Major Specifications



Voltage range

±5V (can be expanded to ±15V)

Voltage accuracy

Ambient  temperature of 20~30:


Ambient  temperature of 0~45:


Resolution:  0.1mV

Current range/channel

± (0~100A)

Current accuracy/channel

Ambient  temperature of 20~30:


Ambient  temperature of 0~45:


Resolution:  0.1mA

Rise time

400μs (10%~90%)

Parallel connection of channels

Max.  3000A in parallel (Can be customized)

Measuring accuracy of channel power

±0.2% F.S

Voltage response time

<10ms (resistance load)

Current response time

<10ms (battery load)

Switching time between charge and  discharge


Min. interval of data recording


Lengths of the output line and sampling  line

2.5m  (Can be customized)

Heat dissipation

Forced  cooling

Power grid of the whole equipment cabinet


Three-phase  five-wire system

Power grid of a single chassis

AC220V±10%  /50-60Hz

Ripple coefficient


Harmonics of the current returning to the  power grid



Charge:  0.70, from power grid to battery

Discharge:  0.60, from battery to power grid

Power factor

>99%(  When 30% rated  power)


Less  than 70dBA

Protection level


Unexpected outage protection

While unexpected outage occurs, the  equipment has outage protection.

After power on, the equipment can  continue the work step operated before.

Unexpected computer crash or restart

The  equipment will pause the current step and continue to run when the computer  resumes normal.

Energy feedback

The  discharge energy feedback to the power grid.

Minimum working time


Size (W*D*H):

800*800*1768mm (8-layer cabinet)


About  800KG

Battery Cycle Life Tester for Battery Cell Charge and Discharge Testing

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