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Safety design of EV lithium-ion battery pack - Chemical Safety

The safety design of lithium-ion battery pack needs to be developed around the internal component composition and safety risks of the battery pack, and a reasonable product safety design goal and framework needs to be defined as a way to carry out specific product development work.

A safe lithium-ion battery pack is to include chemical safety, electrical safety, mechanical safety and functional safety.

The following article will talk about chemical safety.

Thermal runaway of battery cells may produce problems such as electrolyte leakage, fire and combustion, further causing damage to people and vehicles.

For battery cells, how to ensure chemical safety and thermal stability under various operating conditions and usage conditions to ensure that no safety risks arise is an issue that must be considered and addressed. This requires consideration of the following.

1) Normal operating conditions within the rated range.

2) Long distance transportation and long storage conditions.

3) Extreme conditions, such as overcharge, overdischarge, extrusion, puncture and fire of the battery cell.

Lithium-ion battery cell test station

Of course, these are the safety goals that need to be considered and achieved at the battery cell level, and this is done throughout the development and manufacturing process of the cells.

For lithium-ion battery packs, chemical safety also involves chemical corrosion due to electrolyte or coolant leakage, salt spray corrosion and harmful gas emissions, which may cause internal short circuits in the pack.

Xiamen WinAck is a professional supplier of lithium-ion battery pack assembly lines and battery test stations, and can provide all kinds of test equipment for cell chemical safety testing.



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