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The advantages and disadvantages of the ternary lithium-ion battery pack

The ternary lithium-ion battery refers to a lithium battery using the ternary cathode material of nickel cobalt manganate (Li(NiCoMn)O2) or nickel cobalt lithium aluminate as the cathode material. The ternary composite cathode material is nickel salt, cobalt salt, The manganese salt is used as the raw material, and the proportion of nickel, cobalt and manganese can be adjusted according to actual needs.

The advantages of the ternary lithium-ion battery pack

1. The energy density of the battery is high: the energy density of the battery is the electrical energy released by the average unit volume or mass of the battery. The greater the energy density of the battery, the more electricity stored per unit volume.

2. High power: The battery has a high energy density, and the same battery volume can hold more power.

3. High tap density: The tap density refers to the mass per unit volume measured after the powder in the container is tapped under specified conditions. The tap density or volume density is defined as the mass of the sample divided by its volume, which includes the sample itself and the pore volume of the sample and its gap.

The disadvantages of the ternary lithium-ion battery pack

Poor safety, poor high temperature resistance, poor life, poor high power discharge. Poor safety and short cycle life are the main shortcomings of ternary lithium battery packs, especially the safety performance, which has been a major factor that has limited its large-scale assembly and large-scale integration applications.

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