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Safety design of EV lithium-ion battery pack - Electrical Safety

The safety design of lithium-ion battery pack needs to be developed around the internal component composition and safety risks of the battery pack, and a reasonable product safety design goal and framework needs to be defined as a way to carry out specific product development work.

A safe lithium-ion battery pack is to include chemical safety, electrical safety, mechanical safety and functional safety.

EV Battery Pack End-Of-Line Testing System

The following article will talk about electrical safety.

For the electrical and electronic systems inside the power battery pack, electrical safety is always the first priority and involves various "electrical" related safety risks that need to be taken into account.

1) Insulation coordination;

2) Insulation status monitoring;

3) Equipotential (grounded);

4) Short circuit protection;

5) High and low voltage isolation;

6) Interlocking of high-voltage connectors;

7) Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC);

8) Fault self-diagnosis.

Among them, the insulation protection of various cables and connectors, the locking device of high and low voltage connectors and good electromagnetic compatibility, etc., belong to the passive protection of electrical safety.

However, to do a good job in electrical safety, in addition to passive protection, it is also necessary to do active protection and fault self-diagnosis, such as insulation status monitoring, high-voltage interlock detection, contact impedance detection, etc., to prevent problems before they occur, and actively intervene in the early stages of failuresminimize electrical safety risks.

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