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Rising cost pressure, how do e-bike/battery manufacturers face it?

In 2021, the shipment of lithium batteries for electric bicycles in China is about 10.5GWh, an increase of about 8% year-on-year, and the growth rate is lower than that of power batteries for electric vehicles.

Why is the growth rate slower than expected?

First, the popularity of shared e-bikes is less than expected.

Second, in 2021, the price of raw materials for lithium batteries will soar, and the cost of lithium batteries will rise sharply, which will widen the price gap with lead-acid batteries, and cost pressure will become a "stumbling block".

Third, the transition period for the implementation of the new national standard for e-bike in various cities in China has not yet entered the deadline, and the replacement of lithium batteries is relatively slow.

Undoubtedly, how to resolve the cost pressure caused by the rise in the price of lithium battery raw materials over the past year, and how to meet the actual needs of downstream e-bike manufacturers and consumers, has become the focus of major manufacturers of lithium batteries for electric bicycles.

electric bicycle

In order to meet the cost and safety requirements of electric bicycles, in the selection of lithium battery materials, many battery manufacturers are currently focusing on the technical routes of lithium manganate and lithium iron phosphate batteries.

In terms of battery system morphology, on the one hand, the large cylindrical battery can flexibly assemble the battery pack; on the other hand, the cylindrical battery structure is relatively stable in terms of the electrode expansion of the battery.

In the assembly structure, pouch cells are relatively safe in terms of safety, flexible in design, and convenient for product replacement, which is suitable for different scenarios and the needs of e-bike models.

In the assembly structure, the design of prismatic cells and the application of safety explosion-proof valve can also realize the high safety design of the product.

Electric bicycle lithium battery manufacturers are constantly exploring the cost reduction boundary of lithium batteries through material selection, product design, structural innovation and scale effect, to help the rapid promotion and popularization of lithium batteries for electric bicycles.

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