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Requirements in the shared battery charging and swap system market

In 2020, driven by the shared e-bike and shared battery charging & swap system market, the market space for lithium batteries for electric two-wheelers in China has been further expanded.

Among them, for terminal distribution such as express delivery and food delivery, the traditional battery charging mode has obvious pain points, and there are huge opportunities for energy service innovation.

As far as this market is concerned, there is a huge demand for battery charging and swapping services. In the evolution of the service mode, "charging cabinet" is replacing "charging warehouse", which can achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement, safety and reliability.

Shared battery charging and swap system

The shared battery charging and swap system application scenarios put forward technical requirements for batteries in terms of safety, reliability, cycle life, and intelligence.

1) The user's demands for safety and reliability.

This includes sealing level, waterproof and dustproof, safety protection, drop and connector, etc.

For example, the battery drop requirement is that the "6 sides and 4 corners" should drop 3 times each at a height of 1 meter or more, and the number of plugs and unplugs of the connector should reach 10,000 times.

2) There are higher requirements for battery cycle life in shared application scenarios.

The shared battery needs to be recharged and replaced once a day, and the cycle life of the battery is higher than normal.

3) The intelligent requirements of refined operation on batteries.

The battery BMS system must have refined operation management technology, including asset management, intelligent scheduling and fault warning.

For example, the battery BMS system uploads battery positioning status information in real time, uploads power information regularly, and relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning to instantly output the optimal e-bike battery swapping and maintenance scheduling solutions through its own communication module.

The shared battery charging and swap system can use its own shared e-bike business as support, accumulate key capabilities through product performance and improved operational capabilities. At the same time, based on the advantages of business volume, the network can be quickly built through extremely low marginal costs to form a scale effect and occupy the market.

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