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Feedback from AGV companies on lithium batteries

AGV companies’ lithium battery orders are diversified in specifications and small in volume. In addition, the lithium battery market is mixed, and information mismatches have also caused AGV companies to have problems with lithium batteries.

feedback from AGV companies on lithium battery

The requirements for AGV companies to choose lithium batteries are safety, stability, and fast charging. However, in the actual supporting and application process, there are differences between AGV manufacturers and lithium battery manufacturers.

The feedback from AGV companies on lithium battery is:

1. Compared with the electric vehicle market or even the e-bike market, the AGV market has too little demand for lithium batteries.

Therefore, major power battery manufacturers basically do not participate in the production of AGV lithium batteries and are unwilling to cooperate. The quality of products from small battery manufacturers is uneven, and the consistency of battery cells is poor.

2. AGV, especially the production line AGV, has high requirements for battery safety, stability, and consistency, but it is still difficult to find a battery or battery pack assembly company that truly meets its requirements.

The problems of AGV batteries are not limited to battery cells, including BMS quality and performance. BMS plays a key operational role, so the accuracy of the recognition system is required to be very high.

However, since most BMS manufacturers do not understand the operating conditions of AGVs, many BMS manufacturers use BMS boards based on two, three-wheel or low-speed vehicles. The test is not complete and the verification is insufficient, so the problem is even more.

This also means that who can solve the pain point of the lithium battery for AGV, who will occupy the market height of this segmented battery field.

With years of manufacturing experience in the lithium battery pack assembly equipment and battery tester, our products have been tested by the market and continuously upgraded and improved according to actual application feedback. Nowadays, WinAck Battery has grown into a high-tech company with products fromChinato the world.



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