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The market for AGV lithium battery packs continues to improve

The demand for AGV continues to be released. For small and medium-sized battery companies or battery pack assembly companies, the AGV lithium battery market is becoming a market worth deploying.

In the product solutions of AGV leader companies, the battery applications are mainly lithium batteries. The speed of “changing lead-acid batteries to lithium batteries” for small and medium AGV companies is also accelerating.


The reason for the acceleration of AGV battery "lead-acid battery change to lithium battery" is the first to improve quality and efficiency. Compared with lead-acid batteries, which have heavy weight, short cycle life, and short battery life, lithium batteries have the advantages of cost-effectiveness, small size, long cycle life, large battery capacity, and fast charging, which are more flexible, efficient and energy-saving for AGV’s application requirements.

Secondly, the lithium battery technology is becoming more mature and the cost is declining. "The change from lead-acid batteries to lithium batteries" can bring better products to AGV.

However, the application of lead-acid batteries to AGVs will not be completely replaced. Because the AGV is used as a handling equipment, it often runs at full load, and its chassis weight and load are positively correlated. In some application scenarios, it is not as light as possible. For example, forklift AGV, lead-acid batteries are still the mainstream, and lithium batteries are gradually being replaced.

With the approach of the Industry 4.0 era, AGV, as a key member of the intelligent logistics system, will gradually be applied to the automated production of various industries, and the market scale growth prospects are promising. Therefore, the demand for lithium batteries for AGV will increase sharply.

Based on different sizes, application scenarios, functions, and load requirements, AGVs have different requirements for lithium batteries. From the perspective of AGV loading batteries, its coverage is 0.3KWh to 40KWh. The battery cells are mainly lithium iron phosphate batteries, supplemented by ternary lithium batteries.

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