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New Requirements for Lithium Battery Packs for E-bike

Different from power batteries for electric vehicles, lower pow batteries are mainly used in the power system of subdivided products, and the power consumption is generally 0.5 to 5kWh.

To replace traditional power systems such as lead-acid batteries as the main application, the low power market has a huge replaceable stock market.

The increasing demand for light weight and long battery life of E-bike has accelerated the shift of E-bike from lead-acid batteries to lithium batteries. The market for electric two-wheelers equipped with lithium batteries maintains a rapid growth trend.

New Requirements for Lithium Battery Packs for E-bike

Consumers have put forward higher requirements for the performance of E-bike, which also means that the energy density, battery capacity, battery life, quality and environmental protection of lithium batteries have brought higher challenges. Lithium battery pack manufacturers need to develop lithium battery products that take into account high energy density, long cycle life, strong temperature adaptability, high safety, and cost-effectiveness.

1. High energy density

High energy density means higher battery capacity and volume ratio, which means that the weight of E-bikes must be reduced without reducing performance. Therefore, ternary lithium batteries with lighter weight, higher capacity and better performance are bound to become the first choice.

2. Long cycle life

The cycle life of lithium batteries directly affects the service life of E-bikes. Under different temperature conditions, whether they can be charged and discharged multiple times and maintain a high battery capacity after deep cycles. Lithium batteries for electric bicycles need to be compatible with normal temperature and high temperature cycles, and are suitable for different scenarios. They can maintain more than 90% of the battery capacity under a thousand cycles of normal temperature.

3. Strong temperature adaptability

The use scenarios of E-bikes are relatively complicated. To ensure that E-bike can work as usual in the severe cold of -20°C and the scorching heat of 45°C, lithium batteries need to be able to take into account high-temperature storage and discharge performance at high and low temperatures, and are suitable for different environment of.

4. High security

Safety is the basic performance of E-bikes, and battery safety is a particularly important part of it. Battery manufacturers should optimize a series of conduction, electrolyte, and diaphragms, and use various technologies such as internal thermal blocking, circuit disconnection, pressure relief, isolation, and buffering to achieve the safety and stability of the battery system, and escort the safe driving of E-bikes.

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