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AGV market opportunities for small and medium battery pack assembly plants

The demand for AGV continues to be released. For small and medium-sized battery companies or battery pack assembly companies, the AGV lithium battery market is becoming a market worth deploying.

AGV lithium battery market opportunities for battery pack assembly plants

For small and medium battery companies or battery pack assembly companies, battery giants are temporarily not involved, and the field of lithium batteries for AGV is undoubtedly a market opportunity.

The application of lithium batteries in the AGV market is still in its preliminary stage, and battery giants in the market segment have not yet emerged. Deeply digging into this emerging segment has also become one of its important paths for survival and development.

As far as battery pack assembly companies are concerned, in response to the customized demand for lithium batteries in the AGV field, they have battery cell resources, BMS resources, battery and cell test equipment resources and battery pack assembly line resources in their hands, and battery pack assembly companies with additional technology are better at it.

At present, the type of AGVs such as handling (non-heavy load), inspection, picking, and assembly are mainly lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Special application environment requires low load, high efficiency, small size and high battery life. The ternary lithium batteries are more popular.

However, heavy-duty AGVs such as forklift trucks are still dominated by lead-acid batteries, and lithium iron phosphate is in the process of gradual replacement.

AGV batteries and their battery management systems are the motive power source for AGV products. At the beginning of product design, the size, capacity, and weight of lithium batteries must first be considered. This is not only related to the industrial design of the product, but also affects the performance and power consumption of the product.

In terms of battery cell selection, nominal voltage, peak voltage, battery internal resistance, self-discharge rate, charging time and charging method are all factors that need to be considered.

At the same time, the integration of an intelligent battery management system will make the safety, flexibility, efficiency, and reliability of AGV products more prominent.



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