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Feedback from lithium battery assembly plant on AGV battery

The requirements for AGV companies to choose lithium batteries are safety, stability, and fast charging. However, in the actual supporting and application process, there are differences between AGV manufacturers and lithium battery manufacturers.

feedback from lithium battery pack assembly companies on AGV battery

The feedback from lithium battery pack assembly companies on AGV battery is:

1.There are many customization requirements for AGV batteries, and battery specifications are scattered. The downstream customers of AGVs have different requirements on the size of AGVs. 

As a result, the battery may have to be redesigned when a newly developed AGV is developed, and the order quantity for a single specification is too small and the cost is too high.

The battery pack production line needs to be adjusted frequently, which affects production efficiency. 

2.The AGV market price fights are becoming increasingly fierce, the overall cost is getting lower and lower, and the price sensitivity to lithium batteries is getting higher and higher, and it is inevitable that after-sales costs will increase under customized requirements, and battery factories will lose money if they are not careful.

On the whole, the battery cell size is not uniform, the BMS protocol standard is not uniform, and the battery factory does not understand the actual working conditions, etc., resulting in high cost and difficult after-sales of AGV lithium batteries. These are the problems that currently lie between AGV companies and battery companies.



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