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International development of WinAck li-ion battery pack assembly line and equipment

WinAck is one of the leading companies in lithium-ion battery pack assembly equipment and intelligent automated lithium-ion battery pack production lines. It is also a company with the ability to provide overall solutions for the intelligent digital factory for lithium-ion battery pack assembly.

In 2020, although the growth rate of the lithium battery industry slows down, WinAck continues to maintain rapid growth. This is mainly due to the rapid expansion of the company's R&D and production scale during this process, thus grabbing market share.

Lithium-ion battery pack assembly equipment is a non-standard industry, and manufacturing companies have a great demand for funds. In the past two years, many small and medium-sized companies in China have been eliminated, firstly because they cannot bear the capital chain risks caused by rapid expansion of scale, and secondly because small companies cannot fully invest in research and development to match customer needs.

Lithium-ion battery pack spot welding machine & battery pack making machine

WinAck is gradually from being a single battery pack making machine to delivering the whole battery pack assembly production line to customers. Now, in turn, the whole battery pack assembly production line is pushed backwards, how to make the single battery pack making machine more stable and more efficient to better match the whole battery pack assembly production line.

Benefiting from the continuous increase in R&D investment, integration and integration innovation, the company's lithium battery pack making machine performance and quality continue to improve, market competitiveness continues to increase, and customer structure and order quality continue to be optimized.

The internationalization of the lithium-ion battery pack assembly equipment industry is inseparable from three major aspects. One is to have a clear international goal, the other is to have global partners, and the third is to have solid technical strength and competitive products to bring international customers value.

In addition, Chinese lithium battery pack making machine companies should cooperate with Chinese battery cell companies to go international and enhance the competitiveness of Chinese companies.



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