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Laser welding system for prismatic battery pack assembly

The laser welding system is one of the most important assembly equipment in the assembly and production process of prismatic battery packs. The reasonable selection of laser welding machine and welding process will directly affect the cost, quality, safety and consistency of the lithium-ion battery. For example, the beam quality and power stability of the laser welding machine will directly affect the processing performance and further affect the product performance of the prismatic battery pack.

From the perspective of technological development trends, fiber laser welding machines are increasingly being used in the field of lithium-ion battery welding. This is mainly because the fiber laser welding machine has obvious advantages in improving efficiency, saving energy, service life, ensuring accuracy and manufacturing technology.

At present, the laser welding system for lithium-ion batteries has been widely used in process links such as tabs, cell shells, busbars, explosion-proof valves, and battery modules.

Busbar realizes the electrical connection between the battery cell and the battery cell, realizes the series and parallel structure of the cell, and at the same time undertakes the sampling of voltage and temperature. It plays an important role in the safety of lithium-ion battery packs.

At present, there is still a splash problem in busbar welding to be solved. That is, the spatter in the welding process will reduce the mechanical strength of the weld and the welding quality and consistency of the weld.

Aiming at the spatter problem, WinAck's unique fiber laser welding machine and intelligent welding head can achieve high-quality and high-efficiency welding of Busbars, complete crack-free welding, and minimal pores.

Laser welding system for prismatic battery pack

The current requirement of busbar welding is to ensure ultra-high mechanical strength and excellent electrical conductivity. The laser welding process mainly realizes the welding of dissimilar metals, such as the connection and overlap welding of nickel-plated copper battery pole and aluminum Busbars, or the connection and overlap welding of aluminum battery pole and aluminum Busbars, and the connection and overlap welding of stainless-steel battery pole and aluminum Busbars.

The intelligent welding head provides a series of standard beam swing modes through the galvanometer to realize the weld cross section required for processing and ensure the battery pack has excellent electrical conductivity.

In addition, in busbar welding, it is equally important to control the welding penetration of aluminum-based materials. A proper depth of the weld can ensure excellent mechanical strength and conductivity, but too deep a weld will produce too much brittle intermetallic compounds.

As one of China's leading lithium-ion battery pack laser welding system companies, WinAck has provided complete sets of laser welding systems for many fields such as industrial manufacturing and scientific research. Relying on the profound technical precipitation in the field of laser welding of lithium-ion battery packs, it helps users realize various difficult and high-quality laser applications.



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