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SAIC Volkswagen EV battery pack assembly production line

With the recent release of SAIC Volkswagen's first pure electric ID.4 model based on the MEB platform, SAIC Volkswagen has begun to show the inside of the MEB new energy plant to the outside world.

Layout and logistics route of EV battery pack assembly production line

At present, the EV battery workshop of SAIC Volkswagen MEB platform produces two types of battery housings and three types of battery packs.

The EV battery pack workshop is divided into two floors: the first floor is the battery pack assembly line, and the second floor is the battery housing manufacturing line.

After the housings on the second floor are off the assembly line, they will enter the fully automatic stacking and insulation warehouse, and then they will be transported to the battery pack assembly line on the first floor by elevator.

When the battery pack on the 1st floor is offline, it will be transported by the elevator to the ordering center of the warehouse on the 2nd floor. When matched with the assembly requirements of the final assembly workshop of the next building, it will be transported to the second floor platform of the final assembly workshop through the aerial corridor, and then down to the chassis pre-assembly line through the elevator. 

Automatic lifting conveyor system for battery pack housing 

Automatic lifting conveyor system for battery housing

AGV transportation and rail transportation in the battery pack production line

The EV battery pack production line completed the on-line of the battery housing in the AGV conveying section, the Gapfiller spraying on the bottom of the module, the automatic installation of the modules, and the busbar connection between the modules. 

AGV conveyor system for battery pack assembly production line

Rail conveyor system for EV battery pack production line

Rail conveyor system for battery pack assembly line 

However, in the latter half of the entire battery pack assembly line, such as high-voltage wiring harnesses, connectors and some electrical components are installed on a 66° inclined rail, which takes into account ergonomics. 

Rail conveyor system for battery pack production line 

The conveyance conversion between the AGV conveying section and the 66° guide rail relies on a huge three-axis gripper to operate the battery pack. 

Three-axis gripper for EV battery pack 

FDS technology is used on EV battery pack

The EV battery pack of the MEB platform uses FDS technology in two places.

The first is the installation of the upper part of the battery housing and the battery housing body, combined with one-component glue to achieve sealing performance.

The picture below is the battery housing off the assembly line in the MEB workshop. It can be seen that there are no bolt mounting holes on the outer frame around the battery housing, because FDS technology does not need to reserve mounting holes. 

EV Battery pack housing 

EV battery pack assembly line 

The second place is the use of FDS technology in the installation of the underbody protection of the battery housing and the outer frame of the battery housing.

It is to fix the underbody protection in the picture below on the battery housing body, and also need to combine the sealant. 

EV battery pack 

The battery pack assembly workshop of the MEB platform planned by SAIC Volkswagen has set a model for the EV battery pack assembly line manufacturing industry.

The characteristics are: when self-made battery housing s, the assembly line must meet the needs of high tact and high productivity, and at the same time meet the flexible production requirements of different models in the assembly shop, and a compact layout of the production site.



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