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The importance of e-bike lithium battery pack and BMS test systems

As the "brain" in the battery pack, the performance of BMS will have a direct impact on the safety of lithium batteries.

Due to the large number of lithium battery companies participating in the competition in the current e-bike lithium battery market, the industry has low thresholds, unclear standards, and uneven product quality.

Therefore, ensuring the safety of lithium batteries for e-bike has become the key to the development of the industry and the lifeline of lithium battery companies.

Safety, price and after-sales service are the three major challenges faced by lithium batteries in the overall replacement of lead-acid.

In addition to the manufacturing capabilities and technology of battery companies, BMS is also an important factor affecting the safety of electric self-propelled lithium batteries. And safety and price are closely related to BMS.

Due to the small capacity of e-bike battery packs, it is very difficult to achieve an accurate SOC. Many algorithm schemes need to be developed, which leads to a significant increase in the cost of battery packs.

At the same time, since the lithium battery market for e-bike is in the initial stage of rising, there are relatively few companies in the industry that specialize in the development and manufacture of BMS for e-bike lithium batteries.

Lithium-ion battery pack and BMS test systems

If you want to improve the core competitiveness of lithium battery packs, you need to be equipped with an intelligent battery management system, and BMS has technological innovation:

1. Power battery model with multiple time scales and multiple impact factors, state estimation algorithms (SOC, SOH, SOP, SOE) and dynamic extraction technology of battery life cycle characteristic parameters based on big data;

2. Remote UDS diagnosis service based on UDAN DTUTP exclusive protocol, supporting remote recalibration of BMS management parameters;

3. Based on configurable code automatic generation technology, automatic compilation and deployment technology, BMS software network shelf and UDAN ePUSH service, to realize BMS software batch OTA and version full-cycle full-cycle traceability management;

4. A battery data cloud platform based on a highly fault-tolerant and highly scalable framework that supports millions of battery terminals online at the same time.

In addition, it is essential to use professional lithium battery BMS test systems or lithium ion battery PCM tester to test and evaluate battery packs and BMS systems.

Doing a good job in the manufacture of lithium-ion battery packs for e-bike is not only about battery pack assembly equipment, but also about battery pack and BMS test systems.



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