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Countermeasures for large-scale manufacturing of power batteries

The manufacturing of batteries based on scientific understanding is the key to solving quality, efficiency, and cost, while standardization is the foundation of the industry.

Standardization in the power battery industry has more than 30% room for cost reduction. At the same time, manufacturing technology must be deeply integrated with materials and principles.

The quality and cost led by power battery manufacturing equipment are mainly reflected in the three major areas of accuracy qualification rate, manufacturing safety and efficiency cost. For example, through high-speed, process integration and statistical quality control, the FPY pass rate target is 99%, and the material utilization rate is 97%. In terms of efficiency and cost, the single-machine equipment capacity is 1GWh, which is integrated into the whole line.

Corresponding countermeasures have been proposed in areas such as strengthening manufacturing mechanism research, digital mechanism models, manufacturing and equipment-led quality and cost analysis.

1.Find out the manufacturing mechanism and study the digital mechanism model.

In the past, it was common to determine the design and manufacturing parameters by parallel tests, and optimize them many times to achieve a realistic situation. The problems are that it takes a long time and is not accurate enough.

The mechanism model is established based on the deep learning method of big data, and the theoretical value is found through big data analysis, simulation, optimization, etc., to achieve one-time verification completion, shorten the time, and effectively improve production efficiency.

2. In the structure of large-scale battery manufacturing, the principle of composite lamination realizes high speed, no re-sheets, and no wrinkles in the diaphragm and pole pieces.

3. Standardization of battery cell specifications, through reduction of varieties, technology optimization, performance improvement, etc., to achieve a substantial reduction in average material costs and fixed cost amortization.

In addition, the standardization of battery cell specifications can also bring dividends to the industry. Every time the current power battery production capacity doubles, the cost is reduced by about 15%. According to this rough estimate, the total cost can drop by more than 30% in the next three years.

4. Build a lithium battery smart factory, create a power battery big data analysis and closed loop, realize the interconnection of equipment, materials, and systems, and set more than 3,500 quality data monitoring points, based on a two-dimensional code ID (Barcode) two-way traceability system.

Lithium ion Battery Pack Assembling Machine

Manufacturing has led the improvement of power battery quality, safety and profitability. At present, there are about 20 control indicators for the core manufacturing process of batteries. Assuming a single process pass rate of 99.38%, the overall pass rate is 88.3%, and the core process CPK is greater than 1.33.

If the single process pass rate is increased by 0.57%, the corresponding overall pass rate reaches 99%, and the core process CPK is greater than 1.67. In addition, improving battery production qualification rate and material utilization can effectively increase the profit margin of power batteries.



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