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BYD blade battery released

Last year, CATL launched CTP technology, followed by BYD’s blade battery this year, which also adopted a module-less technology. The BYD blade battery is a new design, which requires new customized battery pack assembly equipment.

BYD blade battery

The battery cell material of BYD blade battery is lithium iron phosphate. BYD told everyone at the press conference how safe lithium iron phosphate is. The reason is that safety is one aspect that attracts everyone's attention, and the subsidy withdrawal is also one of the important reasons.

The BYD blade battery technology PACK volume energy density exceeds 330Wh/L, which can be increased by more than 30% compared with the original battery system. By saving materials and labor costs, the battery pack cost is expected to be reduced by 30%. Since the BYD blade battery is thinner than the traditional prismatic battery, the heat dissipation effect is better.

After sorting out the subsidy policies over the years, we can see that the minimum threshold for continuous driving mileage is 150 kilometers, which was later increased to 250 kilometers. The latest adjustment of the subsidy policy highlights the advantages of long-driving mileage models. The continuous driving mileage ranges from 250 kilometers to 400 kilometers. Pure electric new energy passenger cars between kilometers can enjoy a subsidy of 18,000 yuan; pure electric new energy passenger cars with a mileage of more than 400 kilometers can enjoy a subsidy of 25,000 yuan.

According to the calculation of a car equipped with 60 kWh, the cost difference between lithium iron phosphate and ternary lithium battery is about 18,000 yuan, and the subsidy for the driving range of 250 kilometers to 400 kilometers is 18,000 yuan. The subsidy has been smoothed out. The cost gap between the two, more subsidies for the installation of ternary batteries over 400 kilometers, the cost difference upside down. Driven by interests, OEMs have chosen ternary lithium batteries.

Xue Xu, secretary general of the Marketing Experts Committee of the Chinese Marketing Association and associate professor at theSchoolofEconomicsatPekingUniversity, told reporters that most consumers are more sensitive to prices, especially low-end and high-end models. Low prices are a powerful competitive weapon.



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