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Four major difficulties in large-scale manufacturing of power batteries

The production of power batteries is entering a period of large-scale manufacturing. From a global perspective, by 2025, power batteries will have a manufacturing capacity of 1,000GWh. This puts forward higher requirements for the entire production and manufacturing process, including requirements for large-scale manufacturing and requirements for intelligence.

The biggest difficulty hindering the large-scale manufacturing of power batteries is that the basic problems, the mechanism are not clear, and there is no quantification, there are many factors, the system is complex, and it is difficult to accurately quantify.

Power battery

There are mainly the following four difficulties:

1.Quantification of the core mechanism of battery research.

Including surface and interface reactions, SEI membranes, structural evolution, ion/electron transport, charge transfer, voltage regulation, stress evolution and other mechanism issues, quantified through dimensions such as thermodynamics, dynamics, coupling effects, and scale effects, rather than staying in concepts.

2.There are still many difficulties in the three areas of safety mechanism, design structure and scale, manufacturing model and digital mechanism in the power battery manufacturing process.

Among them, the safety mechanism involves the mechanism and inhibition of thermal runaway, the generation, inhibition and elimination of lithium dendrites, manufacturing safety control and use monitoring, and use safety management. For example, the growth of lithium dendrites will pierce the diaphragm and cause short circuits, and dead lithium will cause battery attenuation, etc.

3. Difficulties facing battery material manufacturing control.

The characteristics of the ternary cathode material are high compaction density, hard and brittle; the anode, especially the silicon carbon anode, expands by 20-30%, which has a great impact on the battery. There are also humidity control, manufacturing accuracy, time control, material chemical infiltration, material physical infiltration and Infiltration of machinery and equipment, etc.

4. Manufacturing safety control is difficult, including manufacturing precision, burr control, moisture, dust, connection manufacturing, pole piece protection, and pole piece expansion manufacturing issues to be solved.

In summary, the difficulty of large-scale manufacturing lies in the lack of complete quantitative theoretical support, only qualitative descriptions, scientific experience and rules established by experimental verification, and high manufacturing quality requirements, many size specifications, and complex safety issues.

At the same time, it guarantees the digitization of incoming materials and the digitization of the process, ensures the online detection and monitoring of the amount, impurities, and status of liquid and powder, and establishes a digital model of slurry, pole piece, and material.

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