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Battery Pack BMS Test Equipment

  • Battery Simulator
Battery Simulator

Battery Simulator

  • Model: WA-BS-J5V3A
  • Output voltage/CH: 0~5000mV (Customizable)
  • Output current/CH: -3000mA~+3000mA (Customizable)
  • Main applications: Calibration of BMS/PCM/PCBA
  • Product description: The battery emulator is a high-precision DC-DC regulated battery simulator power supply with load function, and has the same charging and discharging function as real batteries.

Product description:

The battery simulator is a high-precision DC-DC regulated power supply with load function. It is equipped with linear power supply, and the input and output modes of each channel are two-wire or four-wire (differential four-electrode: V+, I+, V-, I-), and has the same charging and discharging function as real batteries.

Functional items:

1. Voltage simulation

The battery simulator has the function of single battery cell voltage simulation, which can simulate the change of battery voltage within 1mV~5000mV; setting resolution: 0.1mV; accuracy: ± (0.01%FS+0.01%RD).

2. Current simulation

Each channel of the battery emulator can adjust its output voltage to change individually, complete the battery voltage simulation charging and discharging function test, used to detect the battery balancing function of BMS, the current of each channel can be changed within -3000mA~3000mA; setting resolution: 0.1mA; accuracy: ± (0.01%FS+0.01%RD).

Set the jump and end conditions according to the conventional variables (voltage, current, time, capacity, energy, power and temperature) and custom variables.

3. CAN communication

The output of voltage and current adopts CAN communication to connect with PC, with fast communication speed and strong anti-interference. The response time of a single channel is ≤50ms.

4. PC control system

The PC control system adopts the LabVIEW/Combined Programming Language software system to write, complete the instruction sending, data acquisition and sorting, and generate the test report.

5. BMS equalization function test

The battery cell simulator can be used for active/passive equalization function test of BMS.

6. BMS power consumption test

The battery cell emulator can realize the standby power consumption test of the battery management system.


1. The battery emulator is equipped with linear power supply, AC ripple is minimal.

2. The current dual-range output can automatically and continuously switch to detect static power consumption and balance current.

3. With charging and discharging function, and fast response.

4. The voltage and current of each channel can be adjusted at the same time, interactively, independently, and dynamically customize the voltage condition programming function.

5. The input and output modes of each channel are four-wire differential four-electrode: V+, I+, V-, I-.

6. LCD display, and the panel can directly set parameters.

7. Voltage and current output automatic calibration function.

8. Each channel of the battery emulator is independent and does not interfere with each other.

9. Multiple battery simulators can be used in combination. For example, two 12CH battery simulators can form a 24CH battery simulator.

10. The battery simulator can be connected to a PC through CAN communication, equipped with programmable control software, which is easier to operate and more powerful.

Scope of application:

The battery emulator is mainly used for the calibration of the voltage detection accuracy of the single battery cells of the BMS/PCM/PCBA, which can accurately simulate the voltage and DC current of the single battery cells.

The battery cell emulator can accurately simulate the fault diagnosis states such as the voltage of the single battery cell is greater than the set value, the voltage of the single battery cell is less than the set value, and the consistency deviation of the single battery cell voltage is greater than the set condition, so as to detect the fault diagnosis ability of the BMS system.

Each channel of the battery simulator can also output and input DC current for testing balanced currents.

Technical specifications

Product name

Battery Simulator

Product model


Number of analog channels

12 channels / SET (Customizable)

Input voltage

Single-phase, 220VAC, 50/60Hz

Input power



15W (Customizable)

Output voltage range/CH

0~5000mV (Customizable)

Voltage accuracy

± (0.01%FS+0.01%RD)

Output current range/CH

-3000mA~+3000mA (Customizable)

Current accuracy

± (0.01%FS+0.01%RD)

Input and output modes of each channel

Differential four-electrode: V+, I+,   V-, I-

Constant current output

Range 1




Range 2




Overload protection current

Iomax>120% Io

Reverse charging maximum current


Constant voltage output





Bipolar and reverse polarity charge current


Ripple Noise (20Hz~20MHz)

1.07mVp-p/0.38mV(rms); 0.99mAp-p/0.35mA(rms)

Temperature coefficient


Recovery time



Color LCD display


CAN 2.0 communication, connect with PC

Ambient temperature


Relative humidity

<85%RH (no condensation)

AC/DC withstand voltage test (AC input   to case)

AC: 550V, 1min, leakage current <2.0mA

DC: 1500V, 1min, leakage current <0.5mA

Insulation resistance test (DC output   to case)



W480* D495*H125mm



Battery Simulator | Battery Emulator

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