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Summary of the interview with Technical Director of Xiamen WinAck

Recently, Chen Xin, the technical director of Xiamen WinAck Battery, expressed his opinion on the development direction of lithium battery pack assembly equipment in an interview with Xiamen TV Station.

"We can carry out non-standard customization according to the customer's own production process. The equipment designed in this way can better match the process of different lithium battery assembly companies." Chen Xin said.

Chen Xin, Technical Director of Xiamen WinAck Battery

Driven by the extension technology of the professional R&D and design team, and the outreach strategic cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign companies, Xiamen WinAck Battery has maintained its advantages in the overall solution design.

At present, based on the technological upgrade of the head battery manufacturing enterprises, the market competition and supply to internationalization, and the differentiation of the lithium battery application market, the lithium battery market pattern is undergoing a new round of changes.

For the leading equipment companies in the field of lithium battery pack assembly equipment and lithium battery test equipment, how to seize the opportunity to meet the challenge has become an important next step in the strategic board of Xiamen WinAck Battery.

In this regard, Chen Xin, the technical director of Xiamen Winark, expressed his views.

On the one hand, the battery technology is accelerating iterative innovation under the leadership of the head battery enterprise technology (such as: CATL CTP technology and BYD blade battery technology). At the same time, the increasing demands for product safety, performance requirements, and manufacturing upgrades also pose new challenges to equipment companies.

Facing the new changes in the technology and demand of battery companies, Chen Xin believes that first of all, we must closely follow the trend of cutting-edge process changes and improve the company's non-standard customization capabilities. The second is to further upgrade the positioning accuracy, optimize the scheduling system, and support seamless connection with the multi-level management system.

In addition, it deeply optimizes the internal structure of the product, realizes the universal design of the module, cooperates with the upstream supply chain to reduce costs, and maximizes the value for customers. At the same time, under the trend of digital factories, it can meet the customer data information collection function and achieve lean production.

In Chen Xin's view, the "new infrastructure" of European power battery production capacity is accelerating. In terms of equipment selection trends, European companies are also beginning to favor Chinese companies. This will be another new blue ocean market for Chinese equipment companies.

Chen Xin believes that the reshuffle of the lithium battery pack assembly equipment and lithium battery tester will also intensify. After undergoing this round of capacity expansion, leading equipment companies that have mastered core technologies, valued technical reserves, intellectual property rights, and product manufacturing will step up to a new level in internationalization. Equipment companies lacking core competitiveness based on low-price competition can only be washed out in markets with overcapacity.



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