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18650 Battery Pack Spot Welder is in Great Demand

As the cost of lithium battery has been decreasing, the application range of lithium battery has become wider. In addition to power battery for electric vehicles, lithium battery are also widely used in 3C digital equipment, electric bicycles, electric tools, 5G base station backup power, electric ships and other fields.

In addition to some applications that do not require high voltage and capacity of lithium batteries, in many application fields, lithium battery cells need to be assembled and produced into lithium battery packs, so as to meet the needs of use.

Among them, the technology of 18650 lithium battery cells is mature, and the production and usage are very large. Its low price makes 18650 lithium battery cells widely used in the assembly of battery packs.

In the process of assembling a lithium battery cell into a battery pack, a spot welding process is essential, and spot welding directly affects the quality of the battery pack.

18650 Battery Pack Spot Welder for Lithium-ion Battery Spot Welding 

18650 lithium battery module spot welding is usually used 18650 battery pack spot welder. Each 18650 battery cell is connected in series or in parallel through a nickel sheet or nickel-plated steel, thereby increasing the capacity and voltage of the 18650 battery pack. So, what should be paid attention to when using the battery pack spot welder?

1. Choose a nickel sheet or nickel-plated steel that meets the requirements of the lithium battery pack.

2. At least 4 or more spot welds on each battery cell, according to the product design requirements.

3. Uniform welding spot: spot welding pressure, spot welding current, welding pin diameter, and welding spot depth should be consistent.

4. During spot welding, there should be no explosion, no skew, and no repeated spot welding.

5. When spot welding, the positive and negative poles of the battery cells should not be mistaken, and there should be no short circuit.

6. Each spot welding group of battery modules needs to check the spot welding effect, and the defective products need to be classified.

The above are just some precautions for using 18650 battery pack spot welder, for reference only, welcome to communicate and make progress together.



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