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Battery Pack Testing Equipment

  • Battery Pack Working Condition Simulation Test System (800V300A)
Battery Pack Working Condition Simulation Test System (800V300A)

Battery Pack Working Condition Simulation Test System (800V300A)

  • Product model: WA-BT-800V300A
  • Voltage range/channel: DC5V~DC800V
  • Current range/channel: -300A~+300A
  • Measurement accuracy: ≤0.5‰FSR (full scale)
  • Product description: The battery pack working condition simulation test system is a battery charge discharge test equipment for high voltage battery pack cycle life test, charge and discharge test, capacity test...

Product description:

The battery pack working condition simulation test system is a battery charge discharge test equipment for high voltage battery pack cycle life test, charge and discharge test, capacity test, consistency test and charge-discharge efficiency test...

This battery pack testing equipment is an energy feedback type, bidirectional and 2-channel power processing system controlled by computer. It is specially designed to test the high-power lithium-ion battery pack, super-battery capacity and motor performance test...

The battery pack working condition simulation tester can execute variable power curve output at the millisecond level and carry out battery simulation test according to the real road condition with excellent accuracy and flexibility and all the discharged energy can return to the power grid. Its test data, which are obtained from the electrical performance tests on EV and HEV power battery systems according to various countries, industries and enterprise standards, can help the battery manufacturing enterprises, EV manufacturers and testing institutions assess the quality of batteries.

The battery charge discharge test equipment can provide diverse outputs, such as constant voltage, constant current, constant current converting to constant voltage, pulse, constant power, constant resistance, current phase step, voltage ramp, current ramp and variable power modes etc; in the meantime, any steps can be programmed to operate in any combination of operating modes to execute charge/discharge test and the modes can be switched quickly.




Battery testing and cycling

Battery cell

Battery module

Battery management system


Battery pack

Production test



Power system

Fuel battery

Hardware in circulation

Energy-storage charging and testing

Fuel battery




1. Industrial-standard dynamic current cycling test: The electrical performance test can accord with GB/T 31467-2015, GB/T 31484-2015 and GB/T 31486-2015 etc.

2. Energy-feedback design: With high energy-feedback efficiency, the electric energy sourced by battery pack can be recycled to the power grid or to the channel performing a charging function, which saves the electric energy and greatly reduces the production cost.

3. Execute working condition simulation test according to the actual road conditions: The actual working condition data of the vehicles can be transformed to the simulation test technology so that the users can develop their own test working conditions.

4. User-friendly operational software:

4.1 With simplified operational software, this test equipment integrates "working condition simulation" and "charge-discharge function".

4.2 It has diverse outputs ("step design"), such as constant current, constant voltage, constant current converting to constant voltage, pulse, constant power, constant resistance, current phase step, voltage ramp, current ramp, variable power, cycle and rest etc.

4.3 Test step: 9999 steps; cycle index: 9999 times; unlimited program storage.

4.4 Set the jump and end conditions according to the conventional variables (voltage, current, time, capacity, energy, power and temperature) and custom variables (BMS variables and other collectors).

4.5 WinAck Battery working condition simulation system adopts “menu-type programming”. It supports real-time working condition file (EXCEL format) import. The working condition files can be obtained by artificial editing and working condition acquisition system.

5. Multiple data report function:

5.1 Data report function: XLS-format report can be generated. The report includes channel data, step data, result data, real-time data etc and the report can be converted into graphs.

5.2 Data analysis function: the user can simultaneously select 4 parameters on Y axis and thus generate the needed graphs.

5.3 Data storage: the data can be exported one by one or all exported by multiple choices; the data can be named by barcode No., administrator ID or item name etc.

6. Sophisticated protection functions:

6.1 Sophisticated input and output power-off protection function can ensure the security of equipment, test data and test objects. Flexible programming modes can meet the test requirements of the complex techniques.

6.2 Input protection: overvoltage, overcurrent, default phase and over-temperature protection.

6.3 Output protection: overvoltage, overcurrent, short-circuit, temperature, undervoltage, battery polarity reversal and external short-circuit protection.

6.4 Power-off protection: after power off, the battery will disconnect from the equipment.

6.5 Battery cell protection: cell undervoltage, cell overvoltage, cell overtemperature and reversed polarity protection. The protection limit value can be set.

6.6 The control software can set the protection conditions: software overvoltage protection, software undervoltage protection, software overcurrent protection, auxiliary temperature protection, auxiliary voltage protection. The protection voltage and current values can be set, displayed, prompted and recorded on the list after channel protection.

6.7 Emergency-stop protection: under abnormal situations, the system has emergency stop function. All the channels can be stopped simultaneously.

7. Output of a single channel:

WinAck power battery pack working condition simulation test system contains 2 channels.

Each channel is composed of a bidirectional 800V300A bidirectional DC/DC power. The max. power of each channel is 240kW.

8. Parallel-connected channels extend the application scope:

8.1 The battery charge and discharge tester is composed of 2-channel 800V300A power system and the 2 channels can be used in parallel to form an maximum output capability of 2-channel 800V or 600A, which can meet the needs of charge and discharge and pulse discharge for cycling and pulse test of high power battery.

8.2 The flexible parallel connection of multiple channels is designed to support higher configuration allowing for creating a wider range of test scenarios. Thereby it can help reduce the device investment while increase the performance efficiency.

9. System integration:

Integration of liquid-cooling system, vibrostand, environment chamber, cell voltage & temperature acquisition system and electronic load braking system etc (the integrated equipment should be charged):

9.1 After integrating with constant temperature and humidity chamber via the software, the equipment can execute synchronous set-up conditions matching with cycling test and reserve RS232, CAN and Internet interfaces.

9.2 After integrating with battery cell voltage and temperature acquisition system, via software, the equipment can collect and analysis the Li-ion battery cell temperature in real time and reserve CAN and Internet interfaces.

9.3 Motor performance test: The equipment can integrate with the electronic load braking system via software to complete the motor simulation test.

Test items of the battery charge discharge system


Contrast of parameters in some BMS addresses


Accuracy test of BMS static total voltage (the sampling comparison of BMS and the equipment)


Current accuracy test of BMS sampling (the comparison of current measured by BMS and the equipment)


DCIR test (can be added according to the requirements of users)


Cycle life test of battery module/pack


Capacity test of battery module/pack


Charge/discharge test of battery module/pack


Pulse charge/discharge test of battery module/pack


Charge retention and recovery capability test of battery module/pack


Charge-discharge efficiency test of battery module/pack


Consistency test of battery module/pack


Temperature test of battery cell

Technical Parameters of the battery pack working condition simulation tester


Product name

Battery Pack Working Condition Simulation Test System


Product model



Input voltage

AC380V±10% / frequency 50Hz±2Hz

Three-phase five-wire system


Output current of a single channel


Constant power of a single channel: 240kW


Output current of two parallel



Constant power of the 8 channels:



Applicable load voltage range of a single channel



Power accuracy

≤2‰FSR (full scale)


Measurement accuracy of charge-discharge current

≤0.5‰FSR (full scale)


Measurement accuracy of voltage

≤0.5‰FSR (full scale)


Current response time Tr Rise Time


The transition time for the output current to ramp from 10% to 90% of the set value (The rise time of current)

Battery load



%Overshoot≤2%FSR (full scale)

Tr (Rise Time) ≤ 5ms (Battery load)


The switching time between charge and discharge

(-300A to +300A

+300A to -300A)


For instance, the min. transition time from the charging state to the discharging state and the output current reaching to the set value


Data sampling time


The internal sampling of the converter is 1ms and the communication display 1s


Min. data recording interval of the upper computer




Constant voltage, constant current, constant power, constant current converting to constant voltage, constant power, current phase step, voltage ramp, current ramp, pulse current and current curve output etc.

Note: different functions can

be combined randomly.



Power off protection: including AC input and feed

Overvoltage, undervoltage, default phase, overcurrent, overload and communication outage protection etc.


Communication modes

CAN 2.0A, 2.0B

CAN communication (dbc file import)



485, CAN, Ethernet, USB interface


Amount of CAN bus interfaces

2 loop/1 channel

CAN bus interfaces, through which can read the BMS data.

The users can change the communication frame numbers according to different BMSes.


Road spectrum data automatic conversion software


Can automatically convert the road spectrum data files of EXCEL and TXT files into test files


Lengths of the output line and sampling line


Main channel output cable, data acquisition cable and sampling cable of the auxiliary channel


Dustproof and heat dissipation


With dustproof and cooling devices




Normal working conditions


Cooling method



Harmonics of the current returning to the power grid






Power factor



Unexpected outage protection


While unexpected outage occurs, the equipment has outage protection. After power on, the equipment can continue the work step operated while outage


Working temperature


The long-term endurance of the hardware and over-temperature alarm


Working humidity



Hardware protection level



Resuming from the break point



Emergency stop button



Proofreading of testing process


The compiling software of testing process can proofread the test process


Energy feedback


The discharging energy returns back to the power grid

Battery Pack Working Condition Simulation Test System for EV HEV Power Battery (800V 300A)

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